Staffing Resource Manager


Project Staffing Professional (PSP) primary role is to staff IBM short and long-term consulting projects in North America. These projects call for IBMers & other professionals that can include from Strategy Consultant or SAP Consultant to Architect or Developer. The PSP job involves directly sourcing candidates from IBM internally and from subcontract firms externally, working in collaboration with project and other Staffing Managers across geographies in IBM and with our vendors. The PSP will be doing online searches for skilled candidates as well as networking and communicating in English via email, phone, and text with candidates and managers to determine best-fit project assignments.

The PSP is mainly responsible for working directly with the Senior SRM (Senior Staffing Resource Manager) and staffing resources on projects. The role can be divided into supply and demand functions. The supply side staffs available practitioners on projects while the demand side staffs available projects with practitioners. The PSP should have good communication and negotiation skills, and understand both the project requirements and the practitioner skills. In her or his daily business the PSP uses different tools to accomplish the staffing goals.

The PSP has to work on skill development and skillset background of supported area in order to clearly understand client requirements.

This job requires the PSP to aggressively seek & find the right professional, to negotiate through and manage staffing escalations for the projects supported, and to initiate subcontracting or other solutions when needed to ensure you take your staffing requests from start to finish timely and cost effectively.

Given the PSP must also carefully track candidate status and assign professionals in IBM systems, must not only work multiple staffing requests simultaneously but be detail oriented and organized enough to keep on top of system/tool updates accurately and timely.

Lastly PSP should work hardly to ensure all tasks related to the role are completed timely and effectively, affecting directly the utilization/revenue increase for the business.

  • Excellent communication skills in English, frequent verbal and written interaction with Partners, APs and Sr. Management.
  • Strong negotiation skills that allow us to negotiate and obtain agreements with Stakeholders and counterparts.
  • Strong Leadership skills which can be used to Lead calls, initiatives, programs and projects
  • Experience in recruiting and hiring professional staff with IT background.
  • Ability to work under pressure, prioritize and provide timely solutions to the Project Contacts and Clients.
  • Ability to Recognize, anticipate problems and provide advices in terms of Demand and Supply
  • Strong organizational and time management skills; ability to continually prioritize time and tasks in line with changing requirements and business objectives.
  • Experience working on client projects or minimum 5 years of direct customer service experience
  • English: Fluent

Group ID: GBS
Brands: IBM
Country: Costa Rica
Job Family: Not Applicable

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Experiencia: Principiante

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Fecha publicada: 21/03/2017